Quitting Sugar

I admit I am addicted to sugar.  I am one of the majority.
I love chocolate, puddings, desserts, sweets, biscuits, cakes, cake icing, fudge, turkish delight, donuts, cupcakes, and licorice.  I can sit and eat a whole packet of biscuits or sweets. My DH says I guzzle them.

Chew slowly and eat slowly, were mantras drummed into us as children.  (Elbows off the table, elbows in and hold your knife….)  I seem to have made sweet things an exception to the rule. And my full stomach switch has been taped to off position and I don’t realise it. Do I even taste as I guzzle?

I removed soft drinks from my diet many years ago and do not miss it at all.  So one area of sugar has been avoided.  The only soft drink that I really liked was Wilkinson’s Dry Ginger Ale, it came in a small green glass bottle and it was spicy.   It was refreshing.
I want to keep sweet foods in my diet. I do.  But I want to make it a smaller part of my life, and I want to make it a treat.

Overweight and Obesity Statistics

Country Overweight (and not obese) Obese Total
US* 34.4% 33.9.9% 68.3%
New Zealand* 37% 27.8% 64.8%
Australia* 37% 24% 61%
Japan* 21.7% 3% 24.7%

Overweight is defined as a BMI 25.0 – 29.9
Obese is defined as a BMI 30 or higher

We are overweight as nations while we don’t have to be.
I do not want to be part of this unhealthy statistic.

US statistics are from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for adults 20 years and over 2007-2008
New Zealand statistics are from New Zealand Adult Nutrition Survey 2008/2009 for adults 15 years and over
Australian statistics are from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007-2008 survey for adults 18 years and over
Japanese statistics are from OECD iLibrary from Overweight and Obesity among adults 2009 and here
The photo is of a Haribo gummy bear. And yes, it was consumed.  There was no prejudice.


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